Company Picnics

What makes a great company picnic?


When it comes to planning company picnics, no one designs a recreational atmosphere like RH Events.

Our proven planning process helps you select high-value entertainment options for your dollar. Our expertise includes knowing how to provide exciting and balanced entertainment for all your guests. We use a calculated method to identify activities that keep your guests engaged for maximum returns on your investment. Leverage our experience to help avoid pitfalls like poor directions and slow-paced activities that generate long lines. We understand the importance of flow and energy, and our strategic approach to your event capitalizes on entertainment selections that maximize your guests’ enjoyment.

We use our experience to help you select a menu that provides a wonderfully satisfying meal that contributes pleasing aromas to the overall ambiance of the day. Just like a successful backyard barbecue, any neighbors will envy the smells and sounds that your guests enjoy. When it comes to food production, all our event managers are ServSafe certified. Thus, your guests receive reliable food preparation that meets rigorous safety standards for the greatest level of satisfaction possible.

From our initial planning conversation with you to the final guest’s departure, all the specific details of your event are designed to create the best guest experience possible. Our 30 years in the industry have given us insight into the proper logistical preparedness required for your guests’ comfort and convenience. Our goal is to ensure your guests leave your company picnic feeling satisfied and cared for with a good taste in their mouths, both literally and figuratively.

Guests at RH Events Company Picnics enjoy:

  • Unlimited, high-quality food
  • Fun for all ages!
  • High-quality prizes and event takeaways
  • Fun, festive, colorful atmosphere
  • Well planned event design that is easy to enjoy
  • A great company picnic
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