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Fundraising Opportunities

We provide fun, easy fundraising opportunities. Partner with RH Events & Catering for your next fundraising event!

If you are fundraising for an organization, we’ve got you! We often staff large events with local organizations providing an opportunity for them to raise funds. When you partner with RH Events & Catering to fundraise for your organization, you also provide a valuable service to a local business in your community by helping to ensure the success of their event. RH Events & Catering designs corporate events from company picnics to large catering opportunities, and your enthusiastic participation enhances their celebration.

How it works: Groups are trained by our skilled event managers to tackle any aspect of the day’s events. Your team will help our team set up, deliver and take down the event. Tasks may include filling buffet lines, face painting, managing games, serving concessions and more. We make a contribution to your organization in return. Your careful and attentive service will both reflect the image of your organization and contribute toward a successful event for your community neighbor. It is a win-win!

We’ve seen strong partnerships develop as a result of these events. Some of our previous partnerships include high school marching bands, ROTC, church groups,  and other non-profit organizations. Your dedicated service plays a tremendous role in forging healthy relationships in the community. Contact us today to learn about upcoming fundraising opportunities for your organization and let’s make great things happen.

Keeping Active in Your Community

Whenever possible, we contract with local vendors to provide your entertainment experience, showing your investment in the community. We also enlist the aid of local community organizations for event staffing, providing a fundraising opportunity for one of your neighbors. This outreach solidifies your partnership with others in the community, proving your commitment and interest in those around you.

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