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Logistical Expertise | Smooth Operations | Flawless Execution

Logistics are the foundation and often the forgotten comforts of a successful event. The most important aspect of an event includes the meticulous plan that brings together all the moving parts. Our team will create checklists and timelines to ensure successful planning to support your desired results. We manage the process from start to finish, keeping you up to date along the way, so that you can remain focused on what you do best. A strong logistical plan ensures maximum comfort and flow. We generously staff our events with managers and volunteers to support this. That’s The RH Difference.

Our event coordinators are tasked with:

  •    Pricing entertainment venues, games, and food
  •    Ordering from the best suppliers
  •    Arranging deliveries from multiple sources
  •    Determining power sources for electrical needs
  •    Coordinating final payments to multiple vendors
  •    Arrive early for day-before setup
  •    Constructing all aspects of every event component
  •    Eliminating traffic, parking, and security concerns for easy and safe access
  •    Monitoring the event to keep your guests fully engaged and entertained
  •    Closing the event/component tear-down and haul away
  •    Cleaning the grounds and parking areas

Trust the RH Events & Catering team to produce an unforgettable event. We are committed to providing our best so that we may be your trusted event source.

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