Event FAQs with RH Events & Catering

Event FAQs

Event FAQs:

Where do I start?

RH Events & Catering Sales Project Manager will meet with you to understand your goals and objectives for your event. The planning process considers site location, logistics, entertainment, and food. We use our experience and expertise to design and guide you to the best possible event while working within your budget.

Where can I do my event?

Our most common location is on-site at your facility, however, we do events in local parks, stadiums, churches, schools, universities, fairgrounds, and zoos. Other high-profile venues include stadium facilities, NASCAR racetracks, and farms.

How many people do I need to plan for?

Our experienced project managers work with you to determine the number of anticipated attendees for your event. There are many variables to determine attendance, however, a good estimate is the number of employees times two.

What kind of entertainment do I need?

Entertainment is based on what we refer to as balance and capacity. Having a balance of activities means having something for people of all ages to enjoy. We start by building a foundation of fast-paced, high capacity activities and build from there.

What is the right menu for my event?

Most of our events have a casual menu offering hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled chicken, and BBQ with sides such as baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, mac & cheese, drinks, and more. We can offer elevated selections such as low-country boil, steaks, a potato bar and themed meals. Menu selection is often dependent on the desired serving style – buffet, grab-and-go, or plated.

What about logistics or site reservation?

Our Project Manager works with you to find a suitable location to hold your event. Once a site has been chosen, the project manager guides you through the logistical requirements. Guest comfort and convenience is a critical component to the overall success of the event!

Do you have insurance?

RH Events & Catering has one of the highest liability coverages in the industry. We can name your company as additional insured. We also provide our worker’s comp and commercial auto liability certificates.

How much should I budget for my event?

Many variables involved in determining the the cost of a successful event. This includes entertainment, food, logistics and estimated attendance. On average our picnics range from $40 to $100 per attendee. An RH Events & Catering project manager will work with you to match your budget with your event goals.

Why use RH Events & Catering?

So YOU can enjoy your event free from worry!

Ready to get started?

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