What does it take to feed 20,000 people?

Because of our in-depth catering knowledge, RH Events & Catering has the unique ability to cater your next corporate event, no matter what size. Through catering strategies proven over 30 years of experience, we can easily accommodate guests from 500 to more than 20,000 with minimal wait times while maximizing food quality and guest satisfaction. We bring highly qualified event managers and trained cooking staff who coordinate food preparation and event logistics to eliminate challenges and heighten employee gratification. The final result generates tremendous employee goodwill, providing a memorable experience for all guests.

Our experience provides the know-how to:

  •    Choose the right menu for your event
  •    Supply fast, efficient service to your guests
  •    Enliven the atmosphere with ambiance-generating activities
  •    Simplify setup and cleanup for you and your team

Staging an event that involves catering for 500, 2,500, or more than 20,000 requires incredible knowledge and experience. At RH Events & Catering, we know how to configure, staff, and supply the right arrangement of serving lines to supply fresh fare to any number of guests. Our team of event managers rely on their years of experience as well as our shared corporate knowledge to give your event that special touch.

Custom Menu Planning

Careful menu selection provides benefits beyond ordinary food options. RH Events & Catering works with you to identify menu choices that both satisfy your guests and enhance your event. Thoughtfully combining menu items, presentation, and seating options, we employ each of these to contribute toward your desired atmosphere. No matter your desired flavor – company picnic, barbecue with all the fixin’s, or a more elegant dining experience – we tailor your menu for maximum returns in flavor and enjoyment. We also walk through additional considerations such as dietary restrictions and allergies to anticipate any guest’s special needs.

Food Handling and Preparation

Because your menu selection contributes greatly toward the occasion’s environment, we recognize the incredible importance of quality in this aspect of planning. Accordingly, our managers maintain active ServSafe certifications; and they oversee all catering staff as selections are made from only those suppliers who can meet your specifications for taste and quality. Will your event be enhanced by fresh food prepared on site? We make it happen! We ensure all menu options are crowd pleasing from enticing aromas to delicate presentation to final taste and enjoyment.

Stellar Serving Methods

Because we monitor every single aspect of your company outing, we create food service plans that provide fast, efficient delivery of food. Our comprehensive planning provides just the right serving layout to keep your guests focused on fun and entertainment rather than becoming engulfed in energy-deflating lines. As your event progresses, our trained event managers adjust food preparation to meet the demands of your crowd. Quick delivery and ample seating ensure guests enjoy even the more relaxing elements of their day.

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