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As you prepare for your next corporate event, you’ll want a partner who has walked through every detail of the planning and execution process. With extensive experience in company picnics, large event catering, and specialized entertainment venues, RH Events & Catering stands ready to lend our expertise toward whatever your next planning challenge may be. Keeping employee gratification at the forefront of our mind, we plan to perfection a memorable event that generates lasting benefits for stronger company spirit. At the same time, we relieve you from the stress and burden of all the logistical forethought a successful event requires. This keeps you focused on what you do best, while we give our best to you.

Company Picnics

Looking to reward your employees and provide an enjoyable picnic with exciting entertainment options? RH Events & Catering understands the demanding elements necessary for a successful company picnic.

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Large Corporate Catering

Through catering strategies proven over 30 years of experience, we can easily accommodate guests from 500 to 20,000 and over thus minimizing wait times while maximizing food quality and guest satisfaction.

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Casino Nights

RH Events & Catering brings all the excitement of a Vegas Casino for a truly memorable experience. Professional, uniformed dealers keep guests on their toes at all the famous tables: craps, roulette, Texas Hold 'Em, and blackjack

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Guest Experience

We judge the success of every event by the overall guest experience. When you select RH Events & Catering as your event planning partner, you gain our assurance that your guests will receive the highest level of satisfaction. Whether providing accurate and easy to read directions to an off-site location or transforming your facility into an unimaginable recreational venue, we ensure guests receive all-out attention from start to finish. Our corporate knowledge equips the RH Events & Catering team to anticipate all the details necessary for a pleasurable experience, including:

  • Precise directions
  • Easy parking
  • Smooth check-in
  • Clean restrooms
  • Fast-moving buffet lines
  • Quick access to entertainment options
  • Helpful staff and event volunteers
  • Comfortable setting, including shaded seating and misting tents


Event Quality

Regardless of the size of your event, the quality RH Events & Catering provides remains true to the highest specifications. Over our 30 years in event planning, we understand that successful events begin with careful preparation. The quality of your event depends on the degree of preparation involved in its design. We use our extensive industry experience to identify every design element that will heighten the entertainment value you provide your guests. From detailed preparation such as menu selection and layout to engaging signage and lively background music, every aspect of your event receives our careful oversight to ensure every critical element contributes toward a positive experience.


Our experience and attention to detail allow us to create the most aesthetically pleasing event in the industry. There is no better-looking event than one that RH Events & Catering builds from the ground up. You’ll notice that all the focus of your event is about you and your company. Other than RH Events & Catering staff, who will be identified easily by their burgundy uniform shirts, all attention is directed toward your vision for entertainment and camaraderie. RH Events & Catering managers and staff impart our experience and your vision to event staff volunteers [link to fundraising], who enhance the atmosphere of your event.

Results and Lasting Memories

The benefits of an RH Events & Catering experience extend beyond the event itself. You’ll notice that all the focus of your event is about you and your company. All attention is directed toward your company’s camaraderie and entertainment ambitions. The only indication of RH Events & Catering will be our easily identified staff, ready to assist your guests and impart our experience to event volunteers [link to fundraising]. The day is truly about bringing your vision to life. At the close of your event, you’ll see energized employees who appreciate a day focused on them.  Employees at all levels will enjoy the camaraderie built through your event. Our events provide the framework for stronger relationships and deeper appreciation among coworkers. With you, RH Events & Catering creates memories that last beyond the day and translate into a stronger company spirit moving forward.

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