Can you afford a company picnic in 2024?

Can you afford a company picnic in 2024?

Company picnics provide the opportunity for employees to come together, for managers to break down barriers between departments, and for everyone to engage outside the workplace. Picnics provide a casual opportunity to demonstrate company values and to show appreciation for hard-working employees. A successful company picnic requires a great deal of planning. You must first determine your budget. Is it enough for a successful company picnic this year?

There is no one size fits all package for company picnics.  The number of attendees and objective of the event will greatly determine the price point of the event. When looking at the big picture, it can be difficult to justify numbers. Let us provide you with some prospective.

The average RH Event in 2023 was $45,899.

An event this size may cater to up to 800 attendees. In addition to food, it includes midway games with prizes, fun inflatables, and concessions. This is a great event for companies with 200-300 employees. An event of this size will offer a considerable amount of entertainment options, plenty of food and ways to engage.

Consider this –

The average family household in America has 3.1 persons. If you are hosting a family-fun-day, a $46k event can cover about 250 employees and their families.

This event under these circumstances costs $184 a year per employee, $15.33 a month per employee, or $3.83 a week.

Larger companies and events require more room in the budget. Let’s look at a company picnic that includes all levels of entertainment that RH Events & Catering can offer. This example includes multiple midway games with prizes, concessions, craft stations, a variety of inflatables, multiple large rides, lunch, and more! An event of this size is comparable to a small county fair.  This type of company picnic is suitable for thousands of attendees. If your company has 1,000 employees and you are planning a family-fun-day, this can run around $150,000. When we break it down, a $150k event for 1,000 employees will cost you $150 per employee. That is $12.50 a month, or $1.79 a week.

For $12.50 a month per employee, you can host an epic family fun day for 1,000 employees and their families.

You can provide the opportunity for employees to gather with their loved ones and with each other outside of the workplace. The benefits last beyond the day. These events boost morale and help strengthen working relationships.

When it comes to budget planning for employee appreciation, consider each individual employee. What are you willing to spend for them and their family? Consider what they contribute to your company. Your employees are your greatest asset. They deserve to be celebrated throughout the year with their loved ones included.