Incorporating a Theme Throughout an Event

Incorporating a Theme Throughout an Event

Company events are just one way to boost morale and encourage building connections in the workplace. Incorporating a theme throughout the event will add value and contribute to making it an unforgettable experience. There are many unique ways to incorporate a theme throughout your event site. Here are some of our favorite ways to do so:


Choose a menu that supports your theme. For example, a tropical theme could include fun, fruity drinks, desserts and side items. You can also get creative with how your menu items are laid out to create a specific image.

Décor & Signage

Adding décor is the easiest way to incorporate a theme throughout an event. Décor can be added to a welcome booth, on the food tables, and all throughout the event space. Creating signs with verbiage and images related to the theme will help to drive it home. Choosing a color scheme for tablecloths, table settings, florals, balloons and more will also contribute to the theme.


Choosing the right music will set the tone and mood of the event. If you are creating a winter wonderland, create a playlist to enhance the experience. A plated dinner indoors will call for something different than a company picnic outdoors. Consider the ambiance you’re creating when deciding on music.

Props & Mascots

Another great way to enhance a theme is to include props or a mascot for a photo opportunity. We recently did a Polar Express themed breakfast and had Santa and the Conductor passing out tickets and jingle bells. The guests loved it!

Prizes & Gifts

If you’re hosting a company picnic that includes prizes, consider how those can be relevant to the theme. These take home items will contribute to the lasting benefits of a company picnic. A gift or prize won will provide something you and your family can enjoy beyond the day.