The Optimal Event Planning Period

The Optimal Event Planning Period

The optimal event planning period is 92 days. Sure, it’s possible to be done sooner, but it’s important to consider all the components before jumping in. Timing is a key factor to ensuring you can bring everything together exactly how you envision it.  Here are six things to consider for the timeline to plan an event:

  1. Availability of space and equipment

    First things first, you need somewhere to host your event. While most companies can host on site, occasionally, you will need to secure a venue. You’ll want to make sure to do this with ample time for the best chance at getting your preferred date. This is especially important for popular event months. If you need to rent additional equipment such as tables, chairs, and tents, make sure to reserve them as soon as possible to guarantee availability.

  2. Proper notice to attendees

    People need time to plan to attend. Proper notice = greater attendance.

  3. Budget consideration

    Make time to go through the budget and plan for the necessary funds.

  4. Consideration for the planner and/or committee

    Does your company have a planning committee? Are there people you need approval from? Give them enough time to gather information and make decisions.

  5. Logistics planning and staffing

    The bigger the event, the more there is to plan. The number and quality of staff on an event is directly correlated to its success. It can take time to gather the right team.

  6. Ordering of supplies, prizes and consumables

    There is always a chance you will run into shipping delays or have to wait for a re-stock. Don’t let that stop you from having what you need!

    All the moving pieces and parts to planning an event may require more than the optimal planning period of 92 days if you’re doing it alone or with a team that has other jobs. That’s where RH Events & Catering can help you! Our team is highly skilled in planning and delivering events within that time frame, and often, much sooner. We are connected with vendors throughout the U.S. and our staff is unmatched. Click here to get started on your next event and get your quote.