Four Actions to Increase Attendance to Your Next Company Event

Four Actions to Increase Attendance to Your Next Company Event

Let’s increase attendance to your next company engagement. Planning a company event takes hours of time, energy, and money. You want to make sure that you gain a maximum return on your investment with a high level of attendance. Your employees deserve to be treated, and you want to make sure all the time and money you spent is put to great use. Getting people to your event may be one of the challenges of planning and executing a great event. Here are some of our best practices to get high levels of attendance:

1. Tell them about it.

This might sound obvious, but this entails more than sending one email! Promote your event thoroughly and consistently. In addition to an email blast, send personal invites. Hang posters around your building and bring it up in conversations. Use multiple forms of communication to make it impossible for them to forget. Make sure you give everyone ample time to plan to attend.

2. Give them something to look forward to.

This is where you can get creative. Consider raffling off big prizes. Everyone loves a good meal, so get them excited about the food you will serve. Tease the games and activities when spreading the word about your event. Does your company have an exciting announcement? Save it for the event! Consider what is special to your employees that will motivate them to come.

3. Include families.

When you host an event, you are providing an opportunity for employees to spend quality time with each other. When you include their families, you’re enhancing the experience. People will get to show off the workplace, make more connections, and enjoy time with important people. Plus, this removes the barrier of parents having to find a babysitter. This is one of the best methods to increase attendance.

4. Make it convenient.

Hosting an event on-site at your company or close by makes it more likely your employees will show up. Make it easy for them to find and at a site with plenty of parking. Allow for ample time for the duration of the event, so guests can make plans to attend during their busy off time.

Company events can positively contribute to building stronger relationships in the workplace and boosting morale. A great turn out is important for a great event and the lasting impression it will leave on your team. You and your employees deserve to enjoy the day. If you plan an awesome event and follow these guidelines, you can bet on success!