Outdoor Events; 4 Tips to Ensure Success

Outdoor Events; 4 Tips to Ensure Success

Outdoor events are most enjoyed when the weather is a beautiful sunny and 75. Spring and Fall are the most promising times to host outdoor events with the best chance of ideal temperatures. Choosing a date in those months is the first step to beating undesirable conditions. Rain can bring an event to a halt in a matter of minutes. While we can’t control the weather, we can control a few factors that will help your outdoor event carry on as planned, no matter the conditions.

  1. Prepare for various temperatures.

Consider whether there is a chance it could be uncomfortably hot or cold. In the hotter months, areas with fans and misting fans can provide an extra level of comfort for your guests. It will also be important to keep your guests safe with plenty of hydration stations. Make sure you have enough water and shade available for everyone. Choosing an area with shady trees and adding tents are two ways to ensure some shade. In the cooler months, include heaters and blankets, or choose a venue with an indoor area that people can warm up in.

  1. Choose a facility with an indoor option or covered area.

This is especially important in case of rain, and when considering temperatures. If you run the risk of encountering a pop-up shower during your event, an area to take cover as it passes will be ideal. If you’re looking at rain for the entire day, you’ll be glad you have the option to move the event inside.

  1. Prepare for wind.

Nobody wants to chase down a tent or pick up scattered plates and napkins. Heavy wind can create many event day frustrations. Secure all tents and tables with sand or water bags. Choose displays that will keep lighter objects like plates and napkins contained. You will also want to secure any signage or banners displayed at the event. Using zip ties is a great way to do this.

  1. Have a rain date in place.

Unfortunately, there are days where the inevitable happens and rain or storms can ruin your event plans. Having a rain date in place gives you another opportunity to run your event with ease. Two chances at success is better than one, right? Make sure your guests know what this date is, and make a plan to effectively communicate whether your event will move.

It’s not always easy to come up with a solution as the chaos ensues. Planning and preparing for possibly unfavorable conditions ahead of time is the best way to make sure your event will successfully run, regardless of the weather.

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